Meth/Ice/Yaba Addiction

Meth/Ice/Yaba Addiction

Effective treatment for meth/ice/yaba addiction & abuse at The Cabin Bangkok

Methamphetamine (meth, yaba, ice, crystal) abuse has increased globally more than any other drug over the last ten to 15 years.  Its popularity is a bit surprising, considering it is common knowledge that meth is one of the most addictive and physically damaging drugs in the world, yet people continue to experiment with it, and the vast majority quickly become dependent on it.

Meth addiction is often seen co-occurring with prior addiction to other drugs, meaning most people do not begin their illegal or illicit drug use with meth, but once meth becomes their drug of choice, it is usually used exclusively.

Methamphetamine can be snorted, smoked or injected and comes in various forms.  The effects of meth are similar to other amphetamines such as cocaine, but the high, or rush, is rapid and intense.  The effects of meth can last from 3-6 hours after ingestion, and as the high fades, intense cravings to use again are experienced.  Because the high of meth is so alluring, the baseline feelings (your normal state) seem unpleasant by comparison and the desire to remain high seems to be the only tolerable alternative.

Some clients have reported feeling they crossed the line from experimenting to addiction in as little as 4-5 episodes.   Some people are able to use only occasionally, and once they return to their normal state, are not obsessed with the next high, but these seem to be more the exception rather than the rule.

Withdrawal from meth is not actually life threatening, but the detox period, which can last between one and two weeks, can be extremely uncomfortable.  Common symptoms during detox may be irritability, depression, sleep disorders (normally excessive sleeping), paranoia and difficulty concentrating.  Detoxing from meth does not generally require a hospitalisation, but being in a secure environment during detox may help overcome the cravings and reduce the potential for relapse.

Effective Meth Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Bangkok

The Cabin uses a customised therapy programme based on abstinence goals and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques in the treatment of meth (or multiple substance) addiction.  Both individual and group counseling is recommended and treatment on an out-patient basis generally takes 6-8 weeks.  Clients who find the temptation to relapse as being too strong to receive treatment in an out-patient program, and require a secure environment, are recommended to consider the Cabin’s residential program located in Chiang Mai.

Withdrawal from meth is not generally life threatening, but we employ a consulting psychiatrist who can discuss medications that may reduce discomfort during detox.

Residential Rehab Treatment for Meth Addiction at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang MaiThe Cabin Chiang Mai is Asia’s leading residential treatment facility, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The facilities are well-appointed and are located in a serene mountainside location. The staff are all Western-accredited with many years of experience in addiction treatment. Our treatment programme incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with the well-known 12 Steps. The Cabin Chiang Mai also utilises various holistic healing methods that help to create a well-rounded treatment programme that heals our clients’ mind, body and soul including physical activity and mindfulness meditation.

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