Drug Rehab in Thailand

Drug Rehab in Thailand

Drug Rehab in Thailand at The Cabin Bangkok

Addiction knows no boundaries of geography, age, income or gender, and literally every mood altering drug in the world is available in Thailand.  While some drugs are more plentiful because they are grown or produced in the region (heroin, ice, yaba, marijuana, alcohol, etc),  any drug a person can become addicted to can be easily found in Thailand.

The Cabin is uniquely skilled at helping both expats and Thai nationals with their addiction.  Recently studies indicate that Thailand is in the top 5 countries for alcohol consumption per person, and ongoing research shows that expats are almost twice as likely to develop addiction issues in Thailand as compared to staying in their native country. The easy availability of prescription medications such as opiates and benzodiazepines has also made Thailand one of the leading countries for addiction to pharmaceuticals.

While some people may differentiate between the nature of addiction, based on route or type of chemicals used, The Cabin Bangkok recognises that all addictions share some common components; namely the obsession and compulsion that encompass the addictive focus.  While an alcoholic who maintains employment and family may feel different than the heroin addict who is single and unemployed, the core of their individual addictions are similar, and the mechanics of their recovery can run parallel.

Confidential, Professional and Accessible Drug Addiction Treatment

At The Cabin Bangkok, we design individual treatment plans that focus on the specific needs of each client, but we also offer group therapy sessions that allow clients to develop empathy and learn from the experiences of others.  Our counselling staff has extensive experience in both addiction recovery and the unique challenges of recovering in SE Asia.

If you or a loved one are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction, or even if you have concerns that someone’s current level of use may become problematic, please contact us for an initial phone consultation.

If necessary, fast-tracked access to The Cabin’s leading residential drug rehab treatment centre in Chiang Mai is available.

Residential Rehab Treatment for Drug Rehab in Thailand

The Cabin Chiang MaiThe Cabin Chiang Mai is a world-class rehab facility that is easily reached via direct flight from Bangkok. A highly experienced and licensed team of Western counsellors and psychologists are complimented by a 24-hour medical team of nurses and doctors who closely monitor clients’ well-being. A comprehensive personal fitness programme, combined with an in depth focus on mindfulness practices round out a primary treatment programme for addiction that is highly respected. Stunning facilities and excellent service compliment the highly successful treatment programme that documents a 96% completion rate.

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